Hiring a Team
When I was promoted to lead DAQRI's UX team, I created the flowing hiring plan to ensure we where setup with all the skills needed to succeed. I also wanted emphasise what exact value each team member is adding to the rest of the company. I hired all of the roles mentioned below besides the UX Researcher. 
High level responsibility breakdown. During our weekly UX Planning sessions we collaboratively reviewed the asks and UX initiated projects. The following diagram was serving as a guideline only. 
UX Principles
All in one place
To help 
• When should I create a task? 
• When should I create a Bug? 
• When I have a great new Idea what should I do and who should I include?

Lead Designer
• Brakes down epics into design tasks based on the user stories.
• Ensures that design tasks are clear.
• Distributes design tasks across the designers.
• Ensures visual consistency across features and visual design system standards are honoured.
UX Engagement Process

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