Hey there! 👋
Do you also envision a future where technology seamlessly amplifies our cognitive abilities, and where the only boundary to what we can accomplish is our imagination? If so, let's connect—I'm dedicated to turning this vision into reality.

As the AI Product Lead at Miro based in Berlin, I champion the evolution of our visual collaboration platform to augment teams towards achieving innovation breakthroughs faster 🚀.

Previously at Mira Labs in Los Angeles, I spearheaded the software product team that introduced a revolutionary, low-cost AR headset to the industrial market. Fun fact: our lenses made a splash at Universal Studios, starring in their Mario Kart attraction.

Earlier, as Head of UX at DAQRI in Dublin, I launched WORKSENSE™, an all-in-one AR productivity suite that transformed how the industrial workforce works, learns, and communicates.

With an honours degree in product design from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), I combine human-centered design and aesthetic sensitivity in all my ventures.

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