The following steps are required from a UX perspective to ensure that our time is invested well and that we generate a valuable outcome for both or client and DAQRI.
1. Complete Customer Adoption Plan
Evaluate whether the customer is committed and has the opportunity to scale, which can be achieved by completing the Customer Adoption Plan.
2. Map Key Stakeholders
Identify the key stakeholders and map them to our persona template. This is important to identify the end user and understand pain points and possible value gains more clearly for the end user and not the innovation team alone.
3. Shadow and Interview the End User
Provide the opportunity for UX to interview the end user directly. Access to all needed information to create initial low fidelity wireframes of the experience. Agree on KPI’s that that would define the success of a POC
4. Create Wireframes
UX would invest time to create these inform of video or presentation.
5. Review Low fidelity Prototype
Review this with the end users and their managers
6. Create Prototype
Taking a feature from 2D into a real interactive experience   
7. Deliver and Train
Deliver and train the solution and capture first-hand feedback from the users.
8. Measure adoption and KPI’s
Conduct and document usability and acceptance interviews with all stakeholders
Measure and document the value add against the initially agreed KPI’s of the use case.- Resource savings
- knowledge retention
- execution speed
- error reduction
- increased quality
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