Speaker at Glug Dublin
19 February 2019

Intro: As Daqri's Dublin-based UX/UI Design Lead, Fabian Strunden is responsible for the user interface and user experience design of DAQRI's Visual Operating System™ featured on the DAQRI Smart Glasses™. In close collaboration with the engineering teams, his team ideates next-generation industrial augmented reality experiences that revolutionise the way workers learn, communicate and access information.

From research to production, Fabian engages closely with the client. He prototypes, tests, analyses, refines, and prototypes again, and believes that this fast, iterative process is key to producing highly functional and intuitive augmented reality experiences. Augmented Reality Design is still in its infancy, and optimal interaction paradigms have yet to be defined.

Motivated by the belief that technology helps us to reduce redundant tasks and then allows us to focus on the beautiful aspects of life, he previously invented MaicroFarm, featured in the Future Farming Exhibition - Science Gallery. MicroFarm is an automated wall mounted living space aeroponic system, which grows edible plants at high speed.

Introducing the Worksense Suite
Introducing the Worksense Suite
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