In the preparations for the Hannover Fair event, I found that many AR companies advertise their offering based on AR App features. From previous engagements I noticed customers that are serious about deploying AR hardware to their workforce did not care about latency but instead on how well the solution integrated into the day to day work of the workforce. For this reason, this animation tries to illustrate the day in the life of a worker. 

Planning and Scheduling
In order to deliver against the tight deadline, I created work packages and assigned them across the team. 

Project Plan in TeamGantt

From Sketch to Production
I created the initial factory layout in Sketch Up and then continued refinements and materiel assignments in Blender. I layout was aiming to present a generic factory layout that customers can relate to. The layout should also lend itself to visualize tasks that a technician typically performs during a shift. 
Video Flow
Final Video

Final Render

Hannover Fair

The image and video where used to present the Worksense offering during Hannover fair. The large wall graphic gave DAQRI's sales representatives the opportunity to talk customers through the day in a life of a technician while highlighting the value that DAQRI's Smart Glasses can add. 
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